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Martin Frey Family Adventure, Helicopter Tour of Utah Lake Shoreline

Sailing from France to Australia

Martin, Kym and Lily Frey
Sailing 15,000 nautical miles on the 56' Cat Amara
Join us for our second Winter Sailing Seminar
Thursday, January 30, 7-8:30 PM
Provo Marina Visitors Center

Making new friends in Fiji aboard Amara
Martin has always had a love for the ocean.  Growing up, Jacques Cousteau was his idol, and he dreamed of one day diving in the South Pacifc.  He bought his first sailboat at age 9, raced solo at age 11, and began scuba diving at 14.  His motivation to sail the Pacific formalized when he and his wife Kym were looking for something that would satisfy his thirst for adventure and also include the family, particularly their handicapped daughter Lily.  In fact if it wasn’t for her, Martin and Kym would never have made it all come together this past year.  Please join us as Martin shares his family’s amazing adventure while sailing 15,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic and Pacific.
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Next week's Seminar, February 6
Keith Magnussen
Ullman Sails Representative from Newport Beach
Keith likes to race and help other sailors to optimize their boats. He started out sailing Sabots, Flying Juniors and now enjoys sailing the paint off Viper 640's. Not to mention the 2011 TransPac (2nd in class) and the PV race (2nd in class, 2nd overall) on "Timeshaver".

Rudder Craft
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Winter Sailing Seminar Door Prizes
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How to spile a plank

Low level helicopter flight around the shores of Utah Lake
Visit Utah Lake Commission site for more information

Catalina Island Adventure Cruise
May 15-18

ad.ven.ture n.  an unusual, stirring, often romantic experience.
You be the judge.

Brazilian Government asks
Olympics to reinstate Stars.

Don't miss our Star expert, Bill Watson, at our February 13th Winter Sailing Seminar

First Aid and CPR Skills a Little Rusty?

Sign up now for our Red Cross "First Aid/CPR" and /or "Emergency Medical Response" course
Obtain certification. Knowledge is a sailor's best friend
This course is designed specifically for mariners
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