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2014 Seminars to Begin, Catalina Island Adventure Cruise

Open to the Public Sailing Seminars to Begin

Reed Price
Utah Lake Commission Director
Delivers "State of the Lake" address

Thursday Evening, January 23, 7:00PM - 8:30 PM
Utah Lake State Park Visitors Center

Members of the original Utah Lake Commission
Governing Board Committee

The Utah Lake Commission is a government agency funded and empowered by 17 area governments, including many of the neighboring municipalities in Utah County, Utah County itself, the Utah Departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District, and the Utah State Legislature.  The role of the Commission is to help the public get the most out of Utah Lake, one of the State’s largest natural treasures.


Founded in 2007 by an exploratory committee consisting of local elected officials, the Commission worked with lake stakeholders and the public to create the Utah Lake Master Plan to promote multiple public uses of the lake, facilitate orderly planning and development in and around the lake, and enable individual Commission members to govern their own areas.


Over the past four years, the Commission has been focused on many different improvements to the lake.  Most of these include restoration of the resource by removing invasive species including carp, phragmites, Russian olive, and tamarisk.  Significant effort has been made to reach the public and educate them about the Commission’s efforts and the value of the lake through traditional forms of media including television, radio and print as well as social networking forums including the website and through social media platforms.


It is estimated that there are over 6,000 acres of phragmites along the shorelines of Utah Lake.  Twenty years ago, this invasive plant was not found in this area.  Now it is very prevalent and expanding.  Commission efforts have initiated a three-year treatment regimen on almost 3,000 acres.  A ten-year plan has been created to remove phragmites from the shoreline by 2020.


After treatment efforts were completed this summer, cameras were attached to a helicopter and video was taken of the entire shoreline of the lake to help the Commission observe areas previously treated and determine the magnitude of the spread of the invasive plant.  Video of several areas around the lake that have been treated as well as areas that are targeted for treatment in the future will be used in the presentation.


Mr. Price’s presentation will highlight many of the Commission’s accomplishments over the past several years and explain plans for the future.   As the Commission works toward achieving the vision of the Utah Lake Master Plan, it hopes to protect, preserve, and enhance the lake for generations to come.


About the presenter:


Reed Price was appointed the first Executive Director of the Utah Lake Commission in July, 2007.  He has diligently worked with the members of the Utah Lake Commission to achieve their vision for Utah Lake through efforts to educate the public, restore natural resources, improve water quality, encourage appropriate development near the lake, and to help the public to once again embrace the lake.

Join us for next weeks seminar, January 30, to share the amazing voyage of Salt Lake residents
Martin, Kym and Lily Frey,
as they cross the Atlantic, sail through warm Caribbean waters, to finally end up in Austrailia.

2014 Winter Sailing Semiar Schedule

May 15 - 18, 2014

An annual favorite of our inland lake sailors, the crossing from Long Beach to Santa Catalina is a great way to experience "blue water sailing" as well as learn the systems and procedures of sailing on a big charter cat. If you want a private stateroom or prefer historic onshore accommodations, this will be an escape of a lifetime.

Call now to reserve your spot. 801.636.5204

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If we build a mast crane, they will come.
and make your marina a safer place.

Kevin now has help from Mexican Government AGACE regs
Cabo Race / Cruisers threatened by crazy government seizures

Saw Wheet

New information / products to repel mosquitos
Let's see how it works on Utah Lake "mossies"


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