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Only 8 more days until Christmas . . .



2 FOR 1 DISCOVER SAIL - $95.00


One half down now will secure your lessons at this year's prices and we will also add an extra 3 hour lesson to your course. ($100.00 value - Group Rate) ($230.00 value - Family Rate). 

are available with lots of gift ideas to choose from.

"A thing of beauty
is a joy forever"


Tour the 1924 Fife Schooner Adventuress,
(you've got to see this "full screen")

 Launching Adventuress

what's all this about placing
coins under the mast?
(Click on Part 3, The Launch)

How it all began
(Click on Part 1, An Epic Restoration)

Rockport Marine for more impressive information.

Regatta for Fife Yachts (and other Scottish builds), 2013, Largs, Scotland

Adventuress in Port Townsend
(I'm confused)

This is not the Adventuress of Rockport Marine fame. Can you imagine having all those young people with buttons and studded belts running around below decks on Adventuress (first Adventuress)?

The Adventuress (second Adventuress) is currently in the Port Townsend area, and offers
educational experiences for young people. What we need here is a third Adventuress.

- Finally -
a graphic representation of an Accidental Jibe.

I try to explain how dangerous an accidental jibe is to our new students. As we practice jibing, they all look at me with disbelief, and comment "this ain't so bad".  I then emphasize that boat handling really changes when the wind picks up, but I don't think they're convinced. Same thing with cautions of a "lee shore". So here's my
"1,000 word lecture" in picture form.

Who makes the best sailing hat?

Bonneville School of Sailing

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