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Extreme Weather

Is "Extreme Weather" becoming the new norm?

Enter Bonneville's extreme weather photo contest.
Win a pair of West Marine sailing gloves.
Original stills or videos of sailing in heavy weather on any body of water in the state.

If you are a weather "geek" or just want to be, please join us to help establish weather stations around Utah Lake, so detection of micro burst winds, lightning, strong frontal winds and extreme weather, can alert lake users. A liason with UVU Geology Faculty has been established and your support will greatly accelerate this project.

Typhoon Haiyan from space
Extreme Weather explained from a meterological scientists persective.


What can you do to prepare yourself and your boat before next sailing season?
From Sail-World
Heavy Weather Sailing Tips

With these "new" changes in weather coming, may I suggest learning lessons from the
Three Little Pigs, as we have an off season to prepare ourselves and our boats. If these safety precautions are not already in place on your boat, consider the safety of yourself, your family, your guests and fellow sailors who you may have to call on, if you find yourself in trouble, due to lack of preparation.

When sailing in heavy weather, these items may turn out to be real life savers.
(advice from third little pig)

PFD's for all passengers.
Chest harness worn when solo sailing. Proper tethering system. This sytem should be tested for recovery familiarization. Just having this stuff in a box is not good enough.
Proper anchor, with proper ground tackle, ready for immediate deployment (with sufficient practice to deploy in extreme weather).
VHF radio, monitoring channel 16 whenever out sailing. Ship to ship communication.
Swim ladder that can be accessed from the water, for solo re-entry.
Boat hook.
MOB procedures understood and practiced by all crew.
Complete check of standing rigging. Is your mast "in column" and shrouds properly tuned? Turnbuckles seized with locking nuts or split rings? Do you know how old your rigging is?
Working navigation lights.
Well maintained outboard engine. Do you know how to change a broken starter cord (out on the water)?
Do you understand the dangers of a "Lee-Shore" as a sailboat operator?
Practice reefing / shortening sail. It may be fun to bury the rail, but the stresses on a sail boat are enormous in heavy weather.
Motion sickness meds. Other first aid supplies.
Proper clothing. Foulies, boots, gloves and head gear.
Know the signs of Hypothermia. It's a misunderstood killer.
Polypropyline blanket. Wool is good too . . . just scratchy next to the skin.
Know how to, and practice heaving-to.

The "reviews" are in for Redford's "All is Lost".

Sailrite suggestions for
winterizing your boat -
Tip #10 . . . buy a Sunbrella boat cover (is there no shame?)

If you have a few extra dollars lying around,
this could be the buy of the century

The 1903 design, ocean racing yacht, Ingomar

What do you know about the
Well then, you should do well on a
"Mayflower Trivia Quiz".
Which would mean you are probably a
Mayflower descendant.

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