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BVI Adventure Cruise Flotilla - Q&A Location


British Virgin Islands Adventure Cruise Flotilla
April 10 - 17, 2014

You are invited to a BVI Information Get-Together
presented by Mike Harmer
This Friday, November 1, 7-9 PM
Utah Lake State Park, Visitor's Center

This get together has been designed for those of you who are tentative, unsure of your sailing skills, or just overwhelmed with all the logistics of pulling off a once in a lifetime trip like this.

Mike Harmer, BVI veteran, has been working with Conch Charters to lay the foundation for a 3-5 boat flotilla, scheduled for April 10-17. If you've ever dreamed of sailing in the Caribbean, don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Information on costs, clothing, food, paperwork, flight itineraries and probably a thing or two
about pirate histories and local customs.

Bring all your questions
No experience needed
No sailing license required

We have secured discounted pricing for flotilla members through Conch Charters. You are welcome to use any charter company in the BVI, however we recommend Conch so you can benefit from the group pricing and convenience of planning and traveling together. The boats will rent out quickly, so if you are certain you are coming, please contact us right away and we will put you in touch with the charter company to reserve your boat.

Approximate boat prices for the full week charter, at our flotilla discount rate are as follows.
2006 Beneteau 34' monohull, 3 cabins, $1,869 (or approx $600 per cabin)
2000 Beneteaut 33' monohull, 2 Cabins, $1,614 (or approx $800 per cabin)
2006 Cyclades 43' monohull, 3 cabins $2,549 (or approx $900 per cabin)
2008 Jenneau 44' monohull, 3 cabins $2,974 (or approx $1,000 per cabin)
2001 Leopard 47' catamaran, 4 cabins $6,204 (or approx $1,500 per cabin)

There are more boats available, this is just intended to give you an idea of costs. We'll discuss detailed quotes at our planning meeting. To reserve your boat, you will need to place a $1,000 deposit with the charter company, with the balance due 30 days prior to the charter date. If you are certain you are coming, feel free to contact Mike Harmer prior to the planning meeting and he can provide you a full list of available boats and detailed flotilla price quotes.
(An excerpt from Mike's book.)
Step-by-Step Six Month Planning Guide

The following planning guide will help you prepare for your charter adventure, breaking the tasks into easy-to-accomplish steps and spreading them out over 6 months. Flotilla members will receive a free ebook which will explain everything you need to know for a stress-free, fun-filled charter experience in the British Virgin Islands.

We'll also be covering these in planning meetings and discussions over the coming months before our Flotilla.

Month Six
Apply for Passports
Place your charter reservation
Choose your crew
Book your flight reservations
Purchase trip insurance

Month Five
Read up on local history
Research the sailing destinations
Recommended Historical Fiction
Michener's Caribbean
Treasure Island

Month Four
Select nautical charts, cruising guides, anchorage photos, and navigational apps

Month Three
Choose your Luggage
Purchase any needed clothing
Decide on Snorkeling/Diving Gear
Discuss "crew responsibilities" section with shipmates

Month Two

Complete provision planning
Confirm with charter company
Purchase miscellaneous items (sunscreen, etc)

Four Weeks
Contact your Credit Card company
Arrange mail pickup, etc
Create list of desired destinations and a nearby Plan B

Three Weeks
Consider sun preparation
Choose sea sickness prevention

Two Weeks

Pack bags
Arrange airport transportation
Obtain travelers checks and cash

One Week
Hold newspapers and postal mail
Check weather forecasts (local and British Virgin Islands)
Confirm Credit Card preauthorization

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