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First Aid for Sailors & New Racing Program

Free Winter Sailing Seminar
Thursday. March 7, 7-8:30 PM
Utah Lake State Park

First Aid For Sailors & Keelboat Racing Class

First Aid for Sailors
Part 1

We would like to try doing a 2 for 1 approach to our next seminar. Dave Isom, a veteran First Responder Instructor for the American Red Cross, will introduce some life saving tips that could come in handy if (when) you encounter an on-the-water emergency. Dave will cover the new CPR procedures, hypothermia treatments, drowning / resuscitations and much more. If you think you can miss this presentation . . . you could be dead wrong.

Racing Seminar
Part 2

There are now two Olson 30's sailing on Utah Lake. And you know what they say about what happens when there are two boats out on a lake. If you saw any of last year's Summer Games Keelboat Regatta, you know how evenly matched and how responsive these "rocket ships" can be. Steve Monson, Program Director, has put together a "Nar Nar" program that is guaranteed to loose some barnicles. With two levels of adrenalin pumping action out on the race course, we have something for anyone who has even the slightest curiousity about finesse sailing and trimming for performance. With the America's Cup being fought on our own turf (well, on the Bay), wouldn't it be great to understand racing a little better? Come and find out how you can join us on one of the Olson's for an evening for only $30.00.

Our 7th and
will be held next Thursday, March 14
Roger Bliss, who always gives a stand up presentation, will introduce us to his new (like still in production / in the factory), Columbia 32, carbon fiber catamaran.
Terry Judd from Get Wet Sailing will also be there to introduce us to this year's USA Summer Games Keelboat Regatta and we have saved some impressive West Marine swag to give away as door prizes. A WM Coastal, self inflating, Coast Guard approved PFD, a pair of WM sailing gloves, a $25 WM Gift Card, as well as local restaurant gift certificates.

As soon as the ice is off the lake, the boats are going in.  Reserve your spot for lessons now.

If you haven't stumbled across the new sailing blog, SAIL FEED.COM, it's worth a look.

After a long winters nap, a seemingly innocuous threat to your health could be lurking under cushions and in bilges. If you smell
mold, it's time to do some spring cleaning. A mixture of Borax and bleach in water usually does the trick. It is highly recommended you don't treat this lightly. Wear protective gear, i.e. respirator and gloves.

Mackerel Scales

You may recall last year's newsletters contained a few "Old Time" sailor's weather forecasting tips. To continue with that direction, having a ship's barometer is a great weather tool to assist in developing your forecasting skills. Remember to always keep a weather eye to the sky.

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