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"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."
                                                                                        John Wooden

Do you remember learning to ride your first bicycle? Or piano lessons, or shooting basketballs through far away hoops? These challenges were eventually conquered through invested time and practice.

Along with new and exciting concepts introduced in Bonneville’s Intermediate Sailing Program, such as Night Sailing and Solo Sailing, time invested in practicing precision tacking, jibing and trimming for speed will be the “bread and butter” of this course. With practice comes skill and with skill comes confidence. To accomplish these goals, we’ll set up the Diamond of Doom to sharpen your timing when rounding the buoys. We’ll also key in on how to read tell tails and adjusting sails for optimum performance. You will have the option to pick and choose skill sets for each on-the-water experience.

This is a great course for moving your sailing abilities to a whole new level. Kind of like taking your hands off the handlebars  . . .  and knowing you're not going to crash and burn.

This course will be taught on our Catalina 27', giving you the opportunity to move up to a little bigger boat.

Successful completion of the Basic Learn to Sail course and instructor's recommendation is required to advance to Intermediate Level.

Click HERE for a Detailed Lesson Plan

Recommended text:  "The Annapolis Book of Seamanship by John Rousmaniaere."

Private          $1395.00
The private rate includes the boat, instructor and a log book. You may use this for solo lessons or a group of your choice.
(Maximum 4 adults)

Individual     $495.00   per person   (3 students per group)

9:00 AM - Noon
June, 19, 22, 24, 26, 29
Just reviewing basics was helpful, but we were lucky and had some heavy weather so instead of just talking about it, we experienced it.  Night sailing was beneficial and of course solo sailing.  That helped to solidify things for me and I learned a lot because of that.   Everything was wonderful.  Thanks Todd for your patience and calm demeanor.  Cheryl

I learned and reinforced my sailing skills from the previous course. The instructor was always on time and prepared for the days instruction -- always felt secure and not critisized.

Todd was excellent. He obviously has a fondness for sailing and makes the lessons very interactive. Challenging without being overwhelming.


Sailing in different weather conditions is part of the learning experience. Certain aspects of on the water training can be administered while safely at the dock. Bonneville School of Sailing reserves the right to cancel in case of inclement weather. Inclement weather is determined based on the criteria of safety and comfort and is generally defined as:

  • Persistent, rainy conditions (not a passing shower)
  • Thunderstorm/lightning activity which cannot be avoided safely under sail.
  • High winds (threat of micro-burst activity) or high wave conditions which would make sailing unsafe. 
If Bonneville cancels we will reschedule the lesson. If the customer requests a cancellation for specific lessons after confirmation of lesson dates, lessons can be made up at an additional rate of $ 50.00 per hour.
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