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                               INTRODUCTION TO SAILING  CLASS

This four day class, presented by the Director of Bonneville School of Sailing and Seamanship, has been specifically designed with the entry-level sailor in mind. For anyone who has ever been curious as to what it’s like to harness the wind and sail away to new adventures, this class is for you. Three days of class work on the terminology, functions and navigation skills of sailing, will then be applied to an actual cruise out on the water, during our 2011 sailing season.
Lesson1: Nautical Etymology and Parts of a Boat
Maritime language is a language unto itself. Learn the history and development of words you may have heard, but are not sure of their meaning. Starboard actually comes from the Old Norse vocabulary stýra (“being at the helm”) and borð (“meaning board”). Words like fathom, crows nest, cup of Joe, son of a gun, take us back to the earliest beginnings of our modern language. Once we’ve learned “salty speak” we’re introduced to the various parts of a boat, which too, have curious and unusual terminology affixed. Skeg, shrouds, lazzerette, fo'c'sle, saloon, and so on.
Lesson 2: Wind, The Invisible Force
It doesn’t matter if you’re an ocean navigator, competitive racer or local day sailor, a solid understanding of wind and what makes it blow, is fundamental to all mariners. A working knowledge of barometric pressure, coriolis effects, cloud identification and local meteorological data will be introduced. Bernoulli’s Principle on “upwind” sailing and sail trim will also be explored.
Lesson 3: Sailing in a Desert
Utah Lake is the largest naturally occurring fresh water lake, west of the Mississippi. At 27 miles long and 13 miles wide, it’s not too hard to get disoriented, if you haven’t been paying attention. And when sailing on the Great Salt Lake, navigation skills can become critical, if you venture far from shore. Learn how to navigate your vessel, using latitude and longitude coordinates. We will also explore the use of GPS and Celestial Navigation as tools for the navigator. Marine charts and chart plotting tools will be available for problem solving scenarios.
Lesson 4:    (OPTIONAL)     Casting Off!!
Now let’s put some of our basic knowledge we have gained, to good use. Leaving the Provo Marina, each student will have the opportunity to pilot our Catalina 27 while out on the lake, for a 2 hour sail. Don’t forget your camera.

Handouts and power point visuals will help the student internalize each lesson concept.
Land Based Class Fee: $ 85  -  includes handouts for each class and water and snacks out on the lake.
Casting Off!!  Out on the water.  $ 25  (Time will be arranged during our sailing season).

Class Dates and Times:  TBA
Please call 801.636.5204 to register.

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