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        LESSON 1

  • Downwind sailing. Wing & wing. Lee shore concerns.
  • Understanding lift, drag, balance and using speed instruments as trim guides. Coiling lines.
  • MOB scenarios using mechanical advantage.
  • Sail trim on all points of sail.
  • Sailing a figure 8. Diamond of Doom, the seaquel.
  • Dropping the mast. How to . . .
  • Knot craft. Sheet bend. Whipping a line.
  • Docking procedures. Use of spring lines.

        LESSON 2

  • Navigation using LOP, paper charts and sighting compass.
  • Navigation tools. Dividers, drawing compass. Parallel rulers.  Station finder. Pelorus.
  • Anchoring with bow and stern anchors. Marking anchor location with mooring buoy. Hand signals.
  • Picking up mooring.
  • Running aground. Kedging off.
  • Climbing the mast. Bosun’s chair. Climbing harness.
  • Man overboard using figure 8.
  • Adjusting standing rigging. Loose gauge.
  • Sailing back to the slip. No outboard. Docking under sail only.

        LESSON 3

  • Night Sail.
  • Identifying navigation lights at night. Reading an Isobar chart.
  • Celestial navigation basics.
  • MOB at night.
  • Reefing at night.
  • Using ships compass for headings at night.

        LESSON 4

  • Heavy Weather sailing.
  • Reefing when it’s too late.
  • Forereaching.
  • Heaving to.
  • Running bare pole with drogue/warp.
  • VHF procedures. May Day. Pan pan.
  • Tethering and chest harness.
  • Coiling a line.
  • Motion sickness medications.

        LESSON 5

  • A review of all Intermediate topics, with random maneuvers requested and evaluated by instructor.
  • Practicum & Exam.
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