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"Beautiful boat and very calm, pleasant ride. Got to learn about jibe and tack and coming about. Never been on the lake and it was just a perfect day!"
"Wonderful time - great boats - great skippers! Thank you!"
"Great fun, great friends. Appreciate your beautiful boats and crew!"
Nalco Corporation
'The Creation of a Winning Team is No Accident'


On the water activities have a unique ability to offer a full range of experiences, from total relaxation and enjoyment to adrenalin pumping action with a focus on teamwork and communication skills. Once your crew becomes acclimated to the motion and controls of the boat, they will want to push the envelope, discovering unknown confidence and teambuilding skills that will energize and motivate your group.


You know the drill as soon as you see a room full of round tables and a row of chafing dishes. The motivational speaker is going to ask you to meet everyone at the table. This is how the bumper sticker, I’d Rather Be Sailing, was conceived. After sailing around the Diamond of Doom, you and your fellow crewmembers will have created a bond that will last a lifetime. The skills of teamwork, collaboration and problem solving will be a direct carry-over into the world of dynamic business challenges.


Bonneville is the only licensed and bonded sailing school in Utah. Our sailing vessels are fully insured and Coast Guard inspected. Our instructors carry a Captains License for inland lakes and reservoirs and are Red Cross certified CPR and First Responder trained. We have been sailing on Utah Lake for 12 years, as well as on Pacific, Atlantic, and Adriatic waters.

Bonneville offers a creative application to corporate challenges with a number of programs that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and abilities of your company. Whether you want an event designed to reward your valued employees, a relaxed environment to build relationships and entertain clients, or a powerful tool to illustrate the importance of teamwork, we are here to help you meet your goals.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
~Henry Ford


A great way to just enjoy the peace and quiet of Utah Lake. If that means catching some rays on the foredeck, or getting into some hands on sailing, this is a fun and relaxing way to de-stress, celebrate milestones and build relationships away from the metro-cooker. 

This promises to be a memorable experience that your team will be talking about for a long time to come.

2 Hours



Leave the inhibitions of the boardroom on shore and add a new dimension to your planning meetings. New surroundings allow innovative ideas to flow freely – a think tank on the water. 

Meeting with clients in a relaxed environment helps build relationships, improve communication and increase sales.

2 1/2 Hours


Once your team gets the hang of safe boat handling, we get out the race buoys and the stopwatch for some competitive racing around the Diamond of Doom. 

Want to discover leadership skills in your corporate team? Turn them loose on our racecourse for a real eye opener. 

As is commonly the case in the competitive business world, a sailing team must learn to continually adapt to constantly changing conditions. The collaborative results of team sailing build confidence, communication, trust, and leadership that apply to the professional environment.

3 1/2 Hours

"I deeply appreciated the care, safety, and concern your group provided for us.
It was just a fantastic experience for my group from Korea.       They were enriched by the beauty of this area and had a real adventure in the process. Each and every man expressed gratitude for a fun time and the things they learned about sailing. Everyone was so kind and included us in the “crewing” of the ship. I know this will be one of  those lasting memories that each of us will hold dear.   Thank you again for your hard work in making this a special event.               
"BYU Conferences & Workshops     -      Hyundai Group


  • Tour and familiarization of the boat
  • Safety procedures and equipment locations
  • Basic terminology and parts of the boat

  • Crew responsibilities and functions
  • Communication, verbal and hand signals
  • Maneuvering the boat. Teamwork skills
  • Physics of sailing. Basic knowledge of wind, water and machine
  • Putting it all together. Team dynamics and sailing the Diamond of Doom

  • Evaluate your teamwork. What worked? What didn’t? Why?
  • How could you improve as a team?


Call 801.636.5204 for pricing.


Sailing in different weather conditions is part of the learning experience. Certain aspects of on the water training can be administered while safely at the dock.
Bonneville School of Sailing reserves the right to cancel in case of inclement weather. Inclement weather is determined based on the criteria of safety and comfort and is generally defined as:

  • Persistent, rainy conditions (not a passing shower)
  • Thunderstorm/lightning activity which cannot be avoided safely under sail.
  • High winds (threat of micro-burst activity) or high wave conditions which would make sailing unsafe. 
If Bonneville cancels we will reschedule the cruise or lesson.


A deposit of 50% of the course fee is required to reserve class/cruise dates. We accept credit cards over the phone. Checks or Venmo are also accepted. Balance of course fees will be payable upon boarding. In the event of cancellation, your deposit will be refunded if written notice is received a minimum of 14 days in advance of your course date. If less than 14 days notice, your deposit will be refunded if we are able to obtain a substitute booking. There is a $ 35.00 cancellation fee.
(Exceptions may be made if the cancellation is due to illness or injury)

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