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                                    BONNEVILLE'S   COURSES

Life begins where land ends!

Let’s go Sailing!
It’s amazing how often we hear folks say, “I’ve always wanted to learn to sail.”
It really is as fun, exciting and rewarding as it looks.
Is sailing for you?  Try our Discover Sailing offering and experience two hours out on the water.  Take the helm, tack, jibe, and more.  Enjoy the wind in your face and the expansive vistas of the Wasatch Mountains.
Bonneville’s  Basic Learn to Sail program has been our most popular offering for entry-level sailors, opening doors to chartering possibilities, intermediate and advanced sailing skills and that long awaited boat purchase.
After having viewed the Milky Way at night out on Utah Lake, people really begin to understand why they wanted to try sailing in the first place. Intermediate & Advanced  Learn to Sail courses continue a progression of knowledge, confidence and skills, where once there were doubts. One of the best rewards of sailing is that it never gets old or worn out. There will always be fresh new challenges and concepts to master. Skills learned in Bonneville's Learn to Sail courses can now be applied in more extreme conditions and scenarios. There is a high likelihood you will experience some situation that may be beyond your comfort zone. These courses are designed to prepare you for that statistical inevitability.

Our weekend Sailing Clinics continue the development of focused, specialized sailing skills. Sign on as crew as our blue water race hardened veterans take us through Bonneville’s demanding Spinnaker and Racing Clinics.



                   Learn to Sail

“Anyone who has ever wanted to sail or ever been curious about sailing needs to do this class. For the cost of a weekend out of town, you will get to do something you will remember the rest of your life. Todd’s love of sailing is contagious."     

Our Courses are offered Monday through Saturday with classes beginning in the  morning, afternoon, or evening.
We will have classes starting at varying times and days until mid-September. Our sailing season typically runs from April through the end of October depending on weather.
To register for a course or for scheduling inquiries please call Louise at 801.636.5204

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