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Three day cruise to Santa Catalina Island
Bonneville's Learn to Sail Certificate

NauticEd Online Learning
Bareboat Charter Clinic Certificate

NauticEd Online Learning
Catamaran Sailing Confidence

NauticEd Online Learning
Maneuvering Under Power

Catamaran Charter Boat Certification............................................................$55.00

Prerequisite:  Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic
Boat Familiarization / walk through:
Accomodations disscussed
PFD location
VHF radio
Fire extinguishers
Electric Panel. Cabin lights. nav lights, bilge pumps, fridge, propane, etc
Dinghy. Inspect for air chamber inflation, gas in engine, operation
Ships batteries
Head operation
Fresh water level
Shore power, safe connect/disconnect

Stowing gear for a crossing
Marine weather forecast, sea conditions, tides & currents
Accessing paper charts, plotting a course, identifying shipping lanes, hazards
Engine operation. Check fuel gauges, monitor engine temp and RPM’s
Crew responsibilities explained and assigned
MOB discussion

Inspect standing rigging, sails and anchor gear
Observe harbor traffic.
Cast off dock lines, leave the dock
Motor until such time as it’s safe to hoist sails.
Give crew verbal commands to hoist and trim main, then jib.
Have assigned crew mark chart with course/speed/and position
Practice DR with hand held compass before sight of land is lost
Galley familiarization. Assist in meal prep
Rotate crew duties every two hours (helm, trimming, navigation, observer, etc)
Instruments, engine, fuel levels, auto pilot, etc
Every ½ hour, mark position, time, course
Enroute, discuss MOB, life raft deployment, abandon ship, distress call
What to do in the water, as a conscience MOB, or a survivor of a sinking
Discuss hypothermia, shock, cuts, abrasions, broken bones
Motion sickness and how to avoid / treat
Customs regs. How to hail a foreign harbor master
Distress signals at sea
Responding to accidents at sea, damage to another boat, loss or personal injury while on board

VHF procedures for mooring assignments
Assigning crew for bow and stern duties
Securing all mooring lines
Use of ships head & shower while moored in a crowded harbor
Unwritten good neighbor policies
Paying for a mooring
Going ashore, arranging for return pick up times when using ships dinghy
Dealing with onboard trash
Late call at 10:00PM (?) for night sky, navigation star identification.

Boat check, inspect all systems for proper conditions
Weather check
How to leave a mooring
Observe all harbor traffic for safe maneuvering
Mooring practice

Reversing under power
Anchoring practice

More sail trim instruction
Tacking and jibing proficiency
Heaving to
Shortening sail
MOB drills
Discuss possible equipment failure scenarios
Navigation problems
Long Beach Harbor / Manuevering in harbor traffic.

Crew-in-training responsible for return leg. Captain assigns skipper, who then assigns crew duties. All crew responsibilities rotate on a 2 hour shift change
Use of  “ranges”

Arrival at Longbeach Harbor
Sailing in harbor traffic. Right-of-way
Knot discussion and practice
Cross wind docking

On-shore debriefing. Q & A at Parkers' Restaurant. Certificates awarded to Salty Dawgs, for satisfactory course completion.

Skipper with the best boat speed wins the "Fast Cat" prize (An authentic eye patch, can of sardines, and breath mints. )

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