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Lesson 1
Welcome aboard, tour of the boat.
Float plan.

Safety: Can you swim? Putting on a PFD, fire extinguisher,  radio, horn, personal meds, gloves.
Preparations to get underway (float plan, sail covers, halyards,  fenders, fuel/oil level checks, cell phone, VHF radio).
Engine familiarization (priming, choking, throttle positions, raising/lowering, starting/stopping, cooling water check).
Swing keel position for getting underway.
Raising sails, lowering sails, flaking sails, furling sails. Securing halyards, cleat knot.
Casting off (leaving the dock).

Harbor orientation, right of way, other boats, buoys, shoals, fishermen.
Points of sail: Close Haul, Close Reach, Beam Reach, Broad Reach, Running.
Knot craft back at the dock: Bowline.
Log book entries.
Assignment. Secure the boat.
Lesson 2

Review terminology. Q & A from previous lesson.

Standing rigging, adjusting.
True wind/apparent wind.
Weather, canyon breeze, morning/afternoon wind shifts, barometer.
History of the Bonneville Sea.
Stopping (going into Irons, Heaving To).
GPS fundamentals.

MOB, marking location, throwing PFD, recovery.
Emergencies on board, First aid, CPR, park rangers, 911, VHF radio procedures, air horn, use of PFD’s, whistles, flashlights, cyalume sticks.
Hypothermia, sunstroke, hydration.
Practice tacking.

Knot craft at the dock: review bowline, square knot.

Log book entries. Discuss assignment. Secure the boat.

Lesson 3

Review terminology.  Q&A from previous lessons.
Sail trim, how sail shape affects speed and balance, reading tell tales.
Heeling, boat balance.
Reefing, shortening sail.
Motion sickness and medications.
Anchoring, scope, rode, swing, anchor drag, emergencies, bottoms.
Solo tacking.
Weather. Cloud identification. Barometric pressure.
Reading charts. Compass rose. Tools. Lat/Long. UTM coordinates. Nautical chart, Catalina Island.
Plan a trip to Bird Island.
Practice tacking.
Practice jibing.
Sailing a figure 8.
Knotcraft: review bowline, square knot for reefing.

Log book entries. Review last assignment. Secure the boat.


Lesson 4

Review terminology. Q&A from previous lessons.

Navigating to Bird Island. Going: GPS & waypoints. Returning: compass & chart work.
Onboard written exam #4.
Heavy weather sailing. Tethering. Chest harness.
Man overboard drill.
Heave to drill.
VHF drill.
Climbing the mast procedures.
Running aground.

Log book entries. Review past assignment. Secure the boat.

Lesson 5

Q&A from previous lessons.
Solo tacking & jibing.

1/2 Diamond of Doom. Racing basics around 2 buoys.

Racing basics.

Written exam #5.

Log book entries. Review completed assignments. Secure the boat.


Lesson 6
Review terminology. Q&A from previous lessons.
A review of all Learn to Sail/basic topics, with random maneuvers requested and evaluated by instructor.

Log book entries. Secure the boat.
Certificate of successful completion awarded.

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