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October 14 - 19, 2013

Bonneville Sailing is excited to offer these much requested cruises.  This is a great opportunity if you have high hopes to sail with us in the BVI's this coming April, but are hestitant about your charter boat skills.  Our Skipper, Roger Bliss, will instruct us on a beautiful 40' monohull and/or a Lagoon 38 Catamaran, giving you all the confidence you need to join our BVI Flotilla or a charter of your dreams.

Join us in Long Beach for 2 days aboard the Beneteau, sailing in the lovely Long Beach harbor by day and swimming, shopping or sight seeing by night.  Stay 3 more days aboard the Lagoon 38 for another memorable crossing to Catalina and enjoy the food, and nightlife of this magical island.


PLAN A - Two Days
Monday, October 14, 10:30 AM - Wednesday, October 16, 9:00 AM

PLAN B - Three Days
Wednesday, October  16, 10:30 AM - Saturday, October 19, very early o'clock

  (Can You Ever Get Too Much Sailing???)

PLAN C {A+B} - Five Days and Nights of California Magic
October 14 - October 19

PLAN  A:  Sail for 2 days out of Long Beach, aboard a beautiful Beneteau 40.  Spend your nights on board or on land.  2 days, 2 nights.  Choose accommodations from a private stateroom on board, the Maya Hotel overlooking the Harbor Yacht Marina, a historical room on board The Queen Mary, or lodging of your choice in the Long Beach area.

We can sail the exciting breezes off Long Beach, go outside the breakwater for some true blue water sailing, or venture out after dark for a unique night sail.

Beneteau 40

Night sailing, Long Beach

Beneteau 40 stateroom
Two Beneteau staterooms available.  Price includes linens.  First come, first served.  Other on-board accommodations include sleeping in the salon area or under the stars on deck, topside.  Breakfast and lunch are served onboard.  Breakfast, lunch, and transportation to and from the Airport is included in the price.

RATES / per person:
Private Stateroom                             $430.00 (linens provided)
Salon Area or Topside, on board     
$390.00 (bring a sleeping bag)
To reserve your spot call: 801.636.5204

PLAN B:  Sail for 3 days, Long Beach to Catalina Island, aboard a Lagoon 38 catamaran.  Join us on this stable platform (no heeling) for a channel crossing to Catalina Island.

Day one we make Avalon Harbor before sundown, just in time to stroll the beachfront promenade and find that quiet hideaway restaurant, ice cream stand or “Grandma Shop”, before heading back to the boat.

Lagoon 38
Avalon Harbor, Catalina Island

Catalina offers some interesting shops

and lots of intriguing hide-aways
Day two, our skipper will take us out onto the briny deep for some invaluable instruction on big boat systems, handling and safety for your next charter vacation.  Get in some always-needed practice on picking up a mooring ball, retrieving an MOB, or getting acclimated to big swells (if you want to) on the west side of the island.  Sail to Two Harbors and explore the east end of the island with its palm tree avenues and quiet harbors.

Day three, we head back for Long Beach to soak in the Maya hot tub, swim in the outdoor pool, or get in some night sailing if you still have any starch left.  Spend the night (in an on board stateroom, at the Maya or on board the Queen Mary) and return to the airport for an early morning flight back to SLC.  Airport transportation is provided and included in the price, as is breakfast and lunch.
Two staterooms available.  First come, first served.  Price includes linens.  Accommodations are also available on shore if you prefer.

RATES / per person:
Private Stateroom                             $625  (linens provided)
Salon Area or Top side, on board     $585 (bring a sleeping bag)
To reserve your spot call: 801.636.5204
PLAN C:  So you want to learn how to sail a big mono-hull and a big Cat?  Save the airfare back and forth and stay for 6 days.  I haven’t found better rates anywhere, for this kind of sailing adventure.  Monday morning to Friday night you will be exposed to some of the finest sailing, scenery, restaurants and maritime history on the west coast.  Sleeping accommodations are set forth in plans A & B.  Airport transportation is provided to and from the Airport and is included in the price, as is breakfast and lunch.

RATES / per person:

Private Stateroom                              $1055 (linens included)
Salon Area or Top side, on board      $975  (bring a sleeping bag)
To reserve your spot call: 801.636.5204
Suggested accommodations:

Long Beach:
Maya Hotel
Queen Mary

Avalon Hotel
The Old Turner Inn
The Inn on Mt Ada

Two Harbors:

Queen Mary Suite

Maya at Long Beach


"Long Beach to Catalina was an extremely fun adventure! Great trip for you if you are a first time sailor or experienced seaman.  Todd and Roger were both very knowledgable and a great resource for sailing instruction and tips.  Loved the trip and would do it again!!"    Dan

“For years I have wondered how to experience sailing on the ocean. It was great to find this adventure cruise that originated locally, was very affordable and with great friendly people. My dream was fulfilled!"     Jay
“Todd did a great job planning meals and keeping us well fed. Thanks for all the meal preparation."      Robert, Krista & Harrison
“Well worth it. Well organized. Congenial attitude. Lots of fun."    Joe

The water taxi dropping off our crew to explore the wonders of Avalon.
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