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"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it."      Pearl Buck

One of the best rewards of sailing is that it never gets old or worn out. There will always be fresh new challenges and concepts to master. Skills learned in Learn to Sail can now be applied in more extreme conditions and scenarios. There is a high likelihood you will experience some situation that may be beyond your comfort zone.

This four lesson (12 hour course) is designed to prepare you for the statistical inevitability that will come at some point in your sailing career. Check out our unusual offerings.
Advanced lessons require prior certification through Bonneville’s Learn to Sail program. Learn to Sail certification may be challenged by sailing resume, check ride and successful completion of safe boating exam.

Inclement Weather and Cancellation Policy

Sailing in different weather conditions is part of the learning experience. Certain aspects of on the water training can be administered while safely at the dock. Bonneville School of Sailing reserves the right to cancel in case of inclement weather. Inclement weather is determined based on the criteria of safety and comfort and is generally defined as:

  • Persistent, rainy conditions (not a passing shower)
  • Thunderstorm/lightning activity which cannot be avoided safely under sail.
  • High winds (threat of micro-burst activity) or high wave conditions which would make sailing unsafe. 
If Bonneville cancels we will reschedule the lesson. If the customer requests a cancellation for specific lessons after confirmation of lesson dates, lessons can be made up at an additional rate of $ 50.00 per hour.
Private      $1095.00
The private rate includes the boat, instructor and a log book. This may be used for solo lessons for yourself, or for a group of up to 4 people of your choice.
(Maximum 4 adults)
Group       $395.00   per person   (3 students per group)
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