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Pick and choose sailing concepts to meet your needs.

Lesson 1

Downwind sailing. Wing & wing. Lee shore concerns.
Understanding lift, drag, balance and using speed instruments as trim guides.
MOB scenarios using mechanical advantage.
Sail Trim on all points of sail. 
Sailing a figure 8.
Diamond of Doom, the seaquel.
Dropping the mast. How to . . .
Knot craft. Sheet bend. Whipping a line.
Docking procedures. Use of spring lines.
Secure the boat.
Log book entries.

Lesson 2
Navigation using LOP, paper charts and sighting compass.
Navigation tools. Dividers, drawing compass. Parallel rulers. Station finder. Pelorus.
Anchoring with bow and stern anchors. Marking anchor location with mooring buoy. Hand signals.
Picking up a mooring.
Running aground. Kedging off.
Climbing the mast. Bosuns chair. Climbing harness.
Adjusting standing rigging. Loose gauge.
Man overboard using Figure 8.
Sailing back to the slip. No outboard. Docking under sail only.
Secure the boat.
Log book entries.

Lesson 3
Night Sail.
Identifying navigation lights at night. Reading an Isobar chart.
Celestial navigation basics.
MOB at night.
Reefing at night.

Using ships compass for headings at night.
Secure the boat.
Log book entries.

Lesson 4
Heavy Weather sailing. 
Reefing when it’s too late.
Heaving to.
Motion sickness medications.

Running bare pole with drogue/warp.
VHF procedures. May day. Pan pan.
Tethering and chest harness.
Coiling a line.
Secure the boat.
Log book entries.

Lesson 5
A review of all Intermediate topics, with random maneuvers requested and evaluated by instructor.
Practicum & exam.
Secure the boat.
Log book entries.
Certificate of completion awarded.

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