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2018 Free Winter Sailing Seminars

January 23 - March 6

January 23
Sailing to Australia,   Chris Julian
How do you decide to pull the kids out of school, rent your home, walk away from your business and sail off on the biggest adventure of your life? Chris will share his knowledge on how to plan, prepare and then go sail off until you bump into Brisbane, Australia.

January 30   
Utah Lake - 24 Hour Enduro Sailing Competition,    Chad Chorniak

Chad is the 2017 winner of the Crosland Trophy. The biggest, baddest sailboat competition on Utah Lake. This grueling 24 hour, plus total miles sailed, competition, is quite an accomplishment. But Chad decided to do this one solo.

February 6 
Boat & Trailer Electrical Systems,   DeWitt Smith  
There is much a boat owner can do to check the boat and trailer's electrical systems before having to hire someone to inprove safety and reliability, correct deficiencies or add new electrical gear.  This seminar is designed for owners and sailors who have a basic knowledge of their boat and trailer's electrical systems and wants to learn more about diagnosing and correcting issues.
We will cover the basics of electrical behavior (both AC and DC), handy tools to help diagnosis  problems, reading a basic wiring diagram, discuss issues around the boat's battery, proper sizing of wires, making correct connections, labeling, water proofing and making your trailer lights/brakes work every time!
Join us for a potentially "enlightening" seminar!

February 13 
American National Standard for Sailing Training,   Grant Headifen
Grant Headifen, Global Director for NauticEd, on-line learning, will present, in person, the new, U.S. Coast Guard approved American National Standards (ANS) program for world wide certification of charter boat requirements.
If you are interested in chartering in Tahiti, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, South America…you get the picture, Grant can help you get your written theory requirements aced.

February 20
Buying a Boat?,   Mike Harmer
Mike discusses the subtleties of buying a boat. Whether it’s your first time or your ??, knowledge is power and it’s always nice to have knowledge on your side when investing in a boat. Mike went all the way to Wisconsin to purchase “Unsinkable II”. Maybe he’ll bring slides of the Great Lakes and his test sail.


February 27   
State of the Lake,   Eric Ellis
Wow…it’s been an interesting year for Utah Lake. Trying to keep up with all the new projects, regulations, media coverage, environmental committees, water rights issues, multi-billion dollar proposals and dredging progress, our sailing grounds are really coming of age. Find out what the Director of the Utah Lake Commission has to say about the “State of the Lake”.

March 6
More on Boat Electronics,   Martin Eastwood
Martin Eastwood, electrical engineer, will teach us some basic, good stuff about how electricity works and the tools we need to properly troubleshoot our sometimes quirky marine systems.

Don't forget, this last seminar is our GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY. A beautiful ash and mahogany tiller handle,   
   ( $150 value ), from our friends at Rudder Craft Inc, will be given away. Are you feelin' lucky?

These FREE “open to the public” sailing lectures are held Tuesday evenings,
7 – 8:30 PM at 116 West Center Street, Provo.
Call 801-636-5204 for more information.
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