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"What fun!  So informative, relaxing, and so very wonderful! Thank you."
"What a great time with wonderful hosts!  Thanks."          Bruce

"Wonderful way to spend the evening. It was so relaxing and we thoroughly enjoyed it."
         Mike & Rebecca

"Loved it!  Thank you for a fabulous evening."
                   Jay & Lisa

"Thanks Louise for the refreshing dessert and answering all our questions with phone calls.  The gift certificate from our Seattle kids worked well for us."
               Dale & Linda

"It exceeded my expectations!"

"This was such a perfect day.  We learned so much and loved every second of it. This will be a forever memory that I will treasure. Thank you SO much."


What a fun, relaxing, perfect evening.  Beautiful views on every side and wonderful company.  This was an excellent way to spend an evening on our anniversary.  Thank you! (And the dessert was yummy!)"
              Julie & Averett

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